Sunday, January 6, 2013

VCCE Treadmill

All five nests that are being monitored by camera traps are all still successfully tending their growing chicks.  With 250,000 photos now gathered, there is an almost overwhelming bulk of data to use for prey identification.  Skimming through some of this data suggests I will be able to obtain a good proportion of positive identification of prey.  Some unusual results are already appearing including one Golden Mole at the Zimbali Coastal Estate nest.  All cameras have now been set to a reduced schedule for better battery endurance - after ringing of the nestling there needs to be about a month of complete undisturbed peace at the nest to ensure the first flight is a natural and unforced development.

The Victoria County Club nest has thrived on their artificial platform this year.  This next installment of the Victoria Country Club family has been quite a careful selection.  Donna has been exercising more and more as the new flight feather grow and unfurl from their pins.  The exercises are getting more and more frequent, and bolder and higher in the jumps and intensity of wingbeats.  Before she gets too confident, I scaled the nest to ring *him* on the 26th of December.

Donna’s father has recently been named Albert, only natural considering mom has been christened Victoria for some time.  This regal pair has been doing their bit for the local community who sometime take issue with the cheek of furry hands invading kitchen pantries.  In December quite a number of monkeys have succumbed to Alberts hunting prowess.  Here are a few photos from Christmas day, where Albert gave Donna a couple of meaty presents.

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  1. Excellent photo sequence, Shane. I wish I could get similar. Looks like they are doing a good job of keeping the Vervet population in check. Cheers. Kevin.