Sunday, January 6, 2013

Peak Season 2012 - Introduction

Reflecting on an amazing month of fieldwork , I have finally found my way back to the cool air-conditioning of the office.  This one blog is the prelude to a mosaic of events popping around. Follow the link in text to jump to pictures and expanded stories.

Ultimately all the activities revolve around the culmination of the eagles 2012 breeding activities.  The season has been surprisingly synchronized among many nests, and they are all now preparing for their imminent first flights.

The primary focus being on timing and accessing nests to ring this years nestlings during this critical time.  Blogs also include photo documentaries of ringing at San Lameer and Victoria Country Club nests.

Nest cameras have been operating superbly, and all five nests including the Victoria Country Club family are going strong and thriving on urban prey

A batch of advanced GPS data loggers were received, and much time and effort spent in trying to deploy these on adult eagles for home range studies.

All the while, I have had the pleasure of having amazing assistants during this time.

And for a few weeks in December, a lekker field base to work from.

And finally to wrap up an earlier post in December.  During the latter half of the month, my eBird big-month began to suffer and slow down.  But nonetheless I finished the year with a respectable total.

Heres to an exciting 2013! Cheers!

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