Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tech Joy

2013... it was about time for some new equipment.

First and most importantly being a new laptop!!!  With 250,000 nest camera photos, in folders of 10k images each, the strain on RAM and graphics is demanding.  The Acer netbook is going on four years old, and while compact it seriously struggles to keep up with timelapse analysis.

So I walked in to the store with my harddrive full of photos. Plugging it in and sampling their abilities of the various units.  I managed to hang an Apple Macbook pro with my first trial.  Then went to the PC laptops, and along to the end of the shelf, where the Samsung behemoth sat proudly beside its spec label... and pricetag.  Eesh.

But it was barely started, still in the process of installing Chrome, Skype, Googel Earth, and other useful apps, when I discovered the Movie Maker.  A quick exploration with two sequences I was familiar with and I came up with these results.  Pretty happy!  Animated sequences like this will be very entertaining for talks and presentations, and give you an appreciation for the quality of the data that will be used to analyse nesting behavior and diet.

But thats not all.  I have been waiting for baited breath to get a new camera.  Thrilled to have purchased the Canon SX20 when it first came to the market in 2006, the 20x zoom was the leading point and shoot camera I could find.

This camera tolerated my abuse, and being a permanent fixture on my travels and fieldwork, it gets subjected to all extremes of weather, and some hard knocks.  It was still working perfectly when the SX35 came out, and so it was difficult, but somehow I managed to resist upgrading back then.  Ever since I have been holding my breath for the next big thing.

Canon Powershot SX50.  Thats 50x zoom lens equivalent to 24-1200 35mm.  And with digital zoom it can pull 100x zoom! Phwoar!  As soon as it hit the shelves I had one in my sweaty hands.  Delightful...

The camera sat in my bag for a few days, waiting to christen it with something relevent and important.  That chance came with the autopsy of our shot eagle.  I was particularly happy with the xray photos.  The next chance was a little time-out in my park - and managed to get a few nice pics here.

To complete the trilogy of tech enhancements, the purchase of a new phone was necessary.  Months ago I was given a old hand-me-down Nokia.  Welcome to the 21st century kiwi, a phone with internet access! With a camera! I quickly found these features enhanced my work efficiency. Answering emails in the field, and taking photos of chicks while at the nest.

The old Nokia cant swim, I found that out recently.  Pity...  A replacement was needed.  So I hope the Nokia C7 will be as durable, welcome to the family, and the school of hard knocks!

The very last photo from the old Nokia

Self portrait!

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  1. Great commentary, Shane. I look forward to seeing more! Kevin.