Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ringing at San Lameer

Photo documentary by Jacques Sellschop.  (c)

Setting the scene. The nest is very visible from San Lameer main entrance

While setting up the climbing rope, food was delivered to the nest

She was nervous about all the unusual activity and startled as the rope was pulled over

Arriving at the nest the young eagle is all threat display

Very quickly she goes catatonic with fright. Fortunately it makes collection and descending a safe procedure

First moves at the ringing station

unpacking the equipment and readying the bird

closing the SAFRING

Taking a tarsus measurement and color ring Y8

Taking a head measurement

A part of the gathered crowd

The heat and humidity at 6pm was surprising

A larger perspective of the gathered crowd

Tail feather development

Primary wing feather development

Taking a drop of blood for DNA sexing

Final measurement - mass

Identifying the prey that was delivered earlier - a young hyrax

Beating a hasty retreat after returning Y8 to the nest

Happy with the result!  Within minutes of my descent the nestling was feeding on the young hyrax

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  1. Great photo sequence! Shane has a growing fan club, it seems.