Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ringing Donna

Thanks to the three photographers who contributed their photos to the blog

DB - Derek Brittain
GDW - Gustav de Wet
JA - Jack Alletson

Boxing day ascent.   JA

Victoria leaves the nest to watch from nearby.   DB

Composite of 'bagging' the bird.   GDW

Derek Brittain in action.   JA

Out of the bag.   DB

Measurements of the head after ringing.   DB

Taking a DNA blood sexing sample... Donna?   DB

Measuring mass.   DB

Preparing to return Donna to the nest.   JA

The crew in action.  DB

Lifting the bag onto the nest...   GDW 

...and out of the bag.   GDW

And descent.   GDW

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